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Please note that the matches for Windermere v Sasra, Keswick A, Penrith C, & Keswick B have been cancelled following Windermere's withdrawal from the Open League.

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     Blue for Open League,  Purple for South League, Red for Whitaker

Sat 16th Sep Sat 23rd Sep Sat 30th Sep
Carlisle A Windermere UlverstonB Barrow B Whitaker  Rnd 1
Carlisle B Penrith C Kendal Barrow A
Carlisle C Penrith B UlverstonA
Sasra Penrith A
Keswick A Maryport
Keswick B
Sat 7th Oct Sat 14th Oct Sat 21th Oct
Windermere Barrow B Kendal
Maryport Keswick B UlverstonB UlverstonA
Penrith A Keswick A Barrow A
Penrith B Sasra
Penrith C Carlisle C
Carlisle A Carlisle B
Sat 28th Oct Sat 4th Nov Sat 11th Nov
Carlisle B Windermere UlverstonA Barrow B
Carlisle C Carlisle A Kendal   
Sasra Penrith C Barrow A UlverstonB
Keswick A Penrith B
Keswick B Penrith A
Sat 18th Nov Sat 25th Nov Sat 2nd Dec
Windermere Maryport Barrow B Whitaker  Rnd 2
Penrith A UlverstonA Barrow A
Penrith B Keswick B Kendal UlverstonB
Penrith C Keswick A
Carlisle A Sasra
Carlisle B Carlisle C
Sat 9th Dec Sat 16th Dec Sat 23rd Dec
Carlisle C Windermere Barrow A Barrow B Christmas
Sasra Carlisle B UlverstonB
Keswick A Carlisle A Kendal UlverstonA Sat 30th Dec
Keswick B Penrith C New Year
Penrith B
Maryport Penrith A
Sat 6th Jan Sat 13th Jan Sat 20th Jan
Windermere Penrith A Barrow B UlverstonB    
Penrith B Maryport Barrow A Kendal    
Penrith C UlverstonA  
Carlisle A Keswick B
Carlisle B Keswick A
Carlisle C Sasra
Sat 27th Jan Sat 03rd Feb Sat 10th Feb
Sasra Windermere Kendal BarrowB Whitaker  Semi-final
Keswick A Carlisle C UlverstonB UlverstonA
Keswick B Carlisle B Barrow A
Carlisle A
Maryport Penrith C
Penrith A Penrith B
Sat 17th Feb Sat 24th Feb Sat 3rd Mar
Windermere Penrith B Barrow B UlverstonA
Penrith C Penrith A Kendal
Carlisle A Maryport UlverstonB Barrow A
Carlisle B
Carlisle C Keswick B
Sasra Keswick A
Sat 10th Mar Sat 17th Mar Sat 24th Mar
Keswick A Windermere Barrow B
Keswick B Sasra Barrow A UlverstonA
  Carlisle C UlverstonB Kendal
Maryport Carlisle B
Penrith A Carlisle A
Penrith B Penrith C
Sat 31st Mar Sat 7th Apr Sat 14th Apr
Windermere Penrith C Barrow B Barrow A Whitaker  FINAL
Carlisle A Penrith B UlverstonB  
Carlisle B Penrith A UlverstonA Kendal
Carlisle C Maryport
Keswick A Keswick B
Sat 21st Apr Sat 28th Apr
Keswick B Windermere    
Keswick A    
Maryport Sasra    
Penrith A Carlisle C    
Penrith B Carlisle B      
Penrith C Carlisle A