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    Please play matches at any time before the actual fixture date if you wish, and if the opposing Captain agrees.

lease note - All games are to be played prior to, or within 5 weeks and 2 days of the fixture date.

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     Blue for Open LeaguePurple for South League, Red for Whitaker    
Saturday 23rd SeptemberSaturday 30th SeptemberSaturday 7th October
Maryport AByeKendal BUlverston B Whitaker Round 1
Penrith CPenrith BUlverston AKendal A
Carlisle BCarlisle ABarrowUlverston C
Maryport BMaryport C
Penrith ABarrow
To be played by Sunday 29th OctoberTo be played by Sunday 5th November To be played by Sunday 3rd December
Saturday 14th OctoberSaturday 21st OctoberSaturday 28th October
ByeBarrowUlverston BUlverston C
Maryport CPenrith AKendal ABarrow
Carlisle AMaryport BKendal BUlverston A
Penrith BCarlisle B
Maryport APenrith C
To be played by Sunday 19th NovemberTo be played by Sunday 26th November
Saturday 4th NovemberSaturday 11th NovemberSaturday 18th November
Penrith CByeUlverston AUlverston |B
Carlisle BMaryport ABarrowKendal B
Maryport BPenrith BUlverston CKendal A
Penrith ACarlisle A
BarrowMaryport C
To be played by Sunday 10th DecemberTo be played by Sunday 17th December
Saturday 25th NovemberSaturday 2nd DecemberSaturday 9th December
ByeMaryport CUlverston BKendal AWhitaker Semis
Carlisle ABarrowKendal BUlverston C
Penrith BPenrith AUlverston ABarrow
Maryport AMaryport B
Penrith CCarlisle B
To be played by Sunday 7th JanuaryTo be played by Sunday 14th January To be played by Sun 3rd March
Saturday 16th DecemberSaturday 23rd DecemberSaturday 30th December
Carlisle BByeBarrowUlverston B
Maryport BPenrith CUlverston CUlverston ASaturday 6th January
Penrith AMaryport AKendal AKendal B
BarrowPenrith B
Maryport CCarlisle A
To be played by Sunday 28th JanuaryTo be played by Sunday 4th February
Saturday 13th JanuarySaturday 20th JanuarySaturday 27th January
Ulverston BBarrow
Ulverston AUlverston C
Kendal BKendal A
To be played by Sunday 25th February
Saturday 3rd FebruarySaturday 10th FebruarySaturday 17th February
ByeCarlisle AKendal AUlverston B 
Penrith BMaryport CUlverston CKendal B
Maryport ABarrowBarrowUlverston A
Penrith CPenrith A
Carlisle BMaryport B
To be played by Sunday 10th MarchTo be played by Sunday 17th March
Saturday 24th FebruarySaturday 2nd MarchSaturday 9th March
Maryport BByeUlverston BUlverston AWhitaker Final
Penrith ACarlisle BKendal BBarrow
BarrowPenrith CKendal AUlverston C
Maryport CMaryport A
Carlisle APenrith B
To be played by Sunday 31st MarchTo be played by Sunday 7th AprilTo be played by Sun 28th April
Saturday 16th MarchSaturday 23th MarchSaturday 30th March
ByePenrith BUlverston CUlverston B
Maryport ACarlisle ABarrowKendal A
Penrith CMaryport CUlverston AKendal B
Carlisle BBarrow
Maryport BPenrith A
To be played by Sunday 21st AprilTo be played by Sunday 28th April 
Saturday 6th AprilSaturday 13th AprilSaturday 20th April
Penrith AByeUlverston BKendal B
BarrowMaryport BKendal AUlverston A
Maryport CCarlisle BUlverston CBarrow
Carlisle APenrith C
Penrith BMaryport A
To be played by Sunday 12th MayTo be played by Sunday 19th May
Saturday 27th AprilSaturday 4th MaySaturday 11th May
Saturday 18th MaySaturday 25th May