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lease note -

For the Open League and the Whitaker games are to be played prior to, or within 4 weeks and 2 days of the fixture date. This can be easily seen in the table below by moving 1 block down & 1 date to the right, eg The last date that games can be played on with a fixture date of Saturday 21st September is Sunday 20th October.

 Note also -

Please see the Constitution for full details, especially 4 (2) f-h.

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     Blue for Open LeaguePurple for South League, Red for Whitaker

Saturday 21st September Saturday 28th September Saturday 5th October
Carlisle Bishops Keswick A Ulverston B Barrow B Whitaker Round 1
    Kendal Barrow A
Keswick B Windermere Ulverston A
Penrith A Penrith B
Maryport Carlisle Kings  
Saturday 12th October Saturday 19th October Saturday 26th October
Maryport Carlisle Bishops Barrow B Kendal
Carlisle Kings Penrith A Ulverston B Ulverston A
Penrith B Keswick B Barrow A
  Keswick A
Saturday 2nd November Saturday 9th November Saturday 16th November
Carlisle Bishops   Ulverston A Barrow B Whitaker Round 2
Keswick A Windermere Barrow A Ulverston B
  Penrith B Kendal
Keswick B Carlisle Kings
Penrith A Maryport
Cumbria Team Rapidplay
Saturday 23rd November Saturday 30th November Saturday 7th December
Penrith A Carlisle Bishops Ulverston A Barrow A
Maryport Keswick B Kendal Ulverston B
Carlisle Kings
Barrow B
Penrith B Keswick A
Saturday 14th December Saturday 21st December Saturday 28th December
Carlisle Bishops Windermere Barrow A Barrow B       
  Penrith B Ulverston A Kendal Saturday 4th January
Keswick A Carlisle Kings Ulverston B
Keswick B Penrith A
Saturday 11th January Saturday 18th January Saturday 25th January
Keswick B Carlisle Bishops Barrow B Ulverston B Whitaker Semi-Final
Penrith A   Barrow A Kendal
Maryport Keswick A Ulverston A
Carlisle Kings  
Penrith B Windermere
Saturday 1st February Saturday 8th February Saturday 15th February
Carlisle Bishops Penrith B Kendal Barrow B
Windermere Carlisle Kings Ulverston A Ulverston B
  Maryport Barrow A
Keswick A Penrith A
  Keswick B
Saturday 22nd February Saturday 29th February Saturday 7th March
  Carlisle Bishops Barrow B Ulverston A
Keswick B Keswick A Ulverston B Barrow A
Penrith A   Kendal
Maryport Windermere
Carlisle Kings Penrith B
Cumbria Individuals
Saturday 14th March Saturday 21st March Saturday 28th March
Carlisle Bishops Carlisle Kings Barrow A Ulverston A Whitaker FINAL
Penrith B Maryport Ulverston B Kendal
Windermere Penrith A Barrow B
  Keswick B
Keswick A  
Saturday 4th April Saturday 11th April Saturday 18th April
Barrow B Barrow A
Kendal Ulverston A
Ulverston B
Saturday 25th April