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Christmas 2014

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QuizThe knights in the picture are the same colour. Honest !


Using I copied an area from both Knights and pasted the squares as shown.

square on the right is from the lower Knight, the square on the left is from the upper Knight.   

Also, using a colour selector tool, both knights are shown to have colour #6B6B6B

Yes, you have guessed. In the image on the
left all the lines are perfectly horizontal and vertical.

  Remember the 'Magic' pictures ? They were all the rage about 20 years ago.
  You stare at the picture and after you go a little cross-eyed you can see a 3-D image.

  Click on the images to see a full size image.

Magic Eye Chess Pieces

This one on the left contains chess pieces.



This one simply shows a 3-d image of the image shown.

 If you enjoy going cross-eyed here's the official web-site.



Note -  For all puzzles click on move 1. ? to reveal the moves                                          
A very easy one to start with. It's hardly a puzzle really. Just amusing.

                   White to play and win                    Click here for a hint

   It is mate in 2, not 3 !    The hint will help.

              White to play and mate in 2                     Click here for a hint

A nice one. Not easy to see at first.

                    White to play and win                     Click here for a hint

                     Black to play and win                     Click here for a hint

As a matter of interest I should say that I wondered who NN was. After some investigation I was surpised to see that he(she?) has lost almost all the games that he/she has ever played. Must be the worst player ever !

After further investigation I was again surprised to see that NN has played all the greats - Morphy, Stenitz, Tarrasch, Alekhine, Tal, Capablanca, Fischer, Kasparov.

Here is a link  to NN's games.

Two for the price of one ! One winning answer is a Queen move, the other a Rook move. Select either on the drop down box below. In the actual game neither was played as Black resigned.

                    White to play and win   Click here for a hint for the Queen move variation
  Click here for another hint for the Queen move variation

  Click here for a hint for the Rook move variation

It is easy to see that White has already checkmated Black !

                    But how did it happen ?

A Samuel Lloyd puzzle.

       White to play and win in half a move                       Click here for a hint

This is difficult. You will probably need the hints.

       White to play and win in half a move                         Click here for hint1
                        Click here for hint2
                        Click here for hint3