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Swiss Online Tournament Number 1

Round 3 Results

Ian Mackaymacca49-1David Siddalldamar62
Neil JonesKorchnov1-Peter Caulfieldthreesheds
Andy McAtearPenrithian-1Ian Stone bythesea70
Paul Riversobelisk8def-2Roy Ellamesroyellames
Greg Millarchessmongerer2-0Patrick FarrancePadix77
Gary SharkeyGarySharkey0-2David ShawDavidWShaw
Tim Bowlertombo19480-2David PhillipsDavidP59kendal
Martin Gawnemapega1-1Alan Llewellyncap78red
Alan Littlebobbyalan2-0Bye


1David Siddall5149
2Neil Jones5147
3Ian Mackay4146 
4-7Ian Stone4130 

David Shaw4136 
Roy Ellames4183 
 Greg Millar4137
8-9Peter Caulfield3122 
David Phillips3183
10-11Andy McAtear3132
Alan Little369
12-17Paul Rivers2124 

Gary Sharkey2131 
 Tim Bowler2110 
 Patrick Farrance2100 
 Martin Gawne2148 
 Alan Llewellyn2113 
18-20 Fred Clough0Withdrawn 
Bill Henderson0Withdrawn
 Colin Bragg0Withdrawn 


47:30 pm Wednesday 15th July
57:30 pm Wednesday 22nd July

Round 1 Results

1. Rules

Normal online rules. No books, computer help etc. Players must not view other games while their own game is in progress. 

2 Settings 

See Alter Settings 

Players should check that their settings in live chess allow a sufficient grade range for challenges. 

3. Challenges

See Making a Challenge 

The first player in the draw will have White first and should issue a challenge at 7:30 issuing White as their colour. You do not need to be 'friends' to do this.

If there is still no accepted correct challenge by 7:45 then the absent player defaults 2-0. 

4. Receiving a Challenge.

See Receiving a Challenge.

If a player has not received an expected challenge they should make one themselves. 

5. Game Finished 

After the first game has finished the first player can issue another friend challenge specifying Black as their colour. 

After the second game please send the results to me ( Dave Shaw ).

6. General Notes 

  1. I am using the software Swiss Perfect ( 30 day free evaluation ) to control the  tournament. Any complaints about biased, rubbish, unfair pairings should be sent to their software department.
  2. It is always nice to have a clear winner and so the tie-break options of Progressive and Median Buchholz will be applied if needed. If that makes no difference then the winning slot will be shared. 
  3. The games will be graded with ECF Online Grades. – assuming Andy can get them to do it. We are in newish territory !