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4th November 2014

Web Technical Details.
In response to a few queries I have written some details on how the web pages are created and maintained. These can be seen on the Libray Page under  Technical Notes

Dave Shaw

2nd November 2014
New Games Page

GamesPageA new Games page has been added to the Menu. This follows on from the showing of Bill Hardwick's game below and positive feedback from a few people. That and the fact that I eventually worked out how to do it !
I have added Bill's game to the page in order to get the ball rolling.

You might have waited years to beat somebody in your club. So send in the game and make them suffer even more ! The pgn  would be nice along with any comments, but simply the game score is fine. Normally it would be a whole game, but if, for example, there is an interesting end-game position that is possible.

So please send in some games !

Dave Shaw

27th October 2014

Bill Hardwick's Great First Round in Majorca


Round One in Open tournaments often throws Goliath against  little David, and here Belgian Guy Dugailliez (FIDE 1958) (ECF 172 versus 102) has a 500 point advantage over Carlisle club secretary Bill Hardwick.
But complacency and the expectation of an easy victory can often lead to disaster; and here, Guy loses to Bill in ten sensational moves

See the Games page for Bill's game.

Ian Mackay

19th October 2014

Majorca Chess


Carlisle's annual chess trip to sunny Spain this year took The Three Amigos to sunny Majorca, where heat, Rioja, bonhomie & very  late nights all contributed to improved FIDE performances:
Bill Hardwick  1451 to 1676
Syd Cassidy    1606 to 1670
Ian Mackay      1695 to 1757
In an Open competition, Bill started with  a stunning start with victory over Belgian  Guy Dugailliez (FIDE 1958), whilst Ian drew the short straw and started with two defeats (rated opponents 2063 & 2193), but recovered to play the following five games undefeated. Syd pulled off two amazing swindles against Spanish talent (1745 & 1670).
Despite starting games at 8.30 pm and finishing as late as 1.00 am ( 2 hours per player + 30 seconds per move) the Carlisle players adapted their lifestyles accordingly and continued their annual FIDE grade improvement, the moral of these expeditions being e Afraid of No-one!
Full results can be found on the brilliant Swiss Master website     (&click on Chess Results).
For Syd Cassidy, the crowning glory was triumphing on Day Ten in The Crazy Golf Championship at Katmandu Resort, finishing the final round with two hole-in-ones to take the international title.

Ian Mackay

23rd September 2014
Website Changes

1) Details of League winners since 1885, and Whitaker Cup winners from 1994  have been added to the Archives Page.

 2) A history of Cumbria Chess written by Steve Richardson - County Secretary 1998-2002 has been added to the Library Page under  Historical Articles 

5th September 2014

2014-2015 League Fixtures are now out

See the Fixtures Page.

The Fixtures, Results, League Tables, & Whitaker results for 2013-14 are now on the Archives Page.

28th August 2014

Maryport Website

Links have been added for the new Maryport Chess Club Website on the Clubs Page and the Links Page.

19th August 2014

Appeal from Sasra
We are low on members and are looking for players to play on our team this season from any part of the county (or outside) to either join our club or play on a guest basis to assist us in fielding a full team this season. We would welcome offers from all grades but we particularly lack a strong top board so anyone looking to play Cumbria's top players might consider this opportunity. Even if you only play one game close to your home you would be helping us.

I believe it is still possible to represent more than one team within the Cumbria league set up. Hopefully the rules pertaining to this could be added to this post.

(a) Teams shall consist of four players, and any club playing fewer than this number shall forfeit the unplayed game or games. No one may play for more than one club in the same Division in the same season. There shall be a maximum of eight teams in each Division. In the lowest contested Division, the League Controller may increase this number at his discretion.
(b) Each club shall submit annually to the League Controller at the beginning of each season and before a Club Championship match is played by the club three nominated players for each team other than the lowest/weakest team as follows.
No player so nominated shall be eligible to play in a lower/weaker team whether in the same division or another division. All Non-nominated players are deemed to be in the weakest team.
Furthermore, no player in a lower/weaker team, who is stronger than the lowest player nominated for a higher/stronger team, shall be allowed to play for that higher/stronger team, whether in the same division or another division.
Above is an extract  from CCA Constitution June 2013, held on the Library Page   ( Dave Shaw )

Contact Mark Mallard.   01946 591012

5th August 2014
Entry For Cumbria League and Whitaker Ttophy
It was agreed at the Cumbria Chess Association AGM in June that the forthcoming season should begin with the first League matches being scheduled for Saturday 20 September 2014. Club secretaries are invited to submit their entries for both the League and Whitaker Trophy, preferably as soon as team numbers are known but in any event at the absolute latest by Saturday 6 September 2014.

SASRA deserve an honourable mention for their very early entry, it having been received on 3 July.

To aid clubs in planning, the AGM passed a proposal that Cumbria should run two leagues:
1) an Open League, possibly to be split into sections (not specifically geographically) depending on entry numbers; and
2) a South Cumbria Midweek League open to southern teams within one hour travelling time of each other, with home and away fixtures depending on the number of teams entering.

Also new for this season is that for all leagues, points scored will be awarded as in past years but with the addition of 2 bonus points for a team win and 1 point for a team draw. The intention is to reintroduce the feeling of playing for a team against another team.

Steve Murdoch
(Competition Controller)

3rd August 2014
Penrith Summer Rapidplay

Penrith RapidplayPlease find appended the results (on Tournaments Page) from the 1st Penrith Summer Rapidplay. Many thanks to all who attended. We trust that a good afternoon was had by everyone and that you return for many years to come.

Congratulations to all the prize winners. Particularly noteworthy was the attendance of our most welcome visitor from overseas and also the performance of our winner Glenn House (Morecambe) with an unofficial tournament performance of 237 ECF (2481 FIDE) - a great achievement.

Steve Murdoch and Alistair Ridley

1st August 2014
New Secretary for the Cumbria Chess Association

Jonathan Rashleigh is the new Cumbria Chess Association Secretary.

Details are on the County Officers Page.

25th July 2014
July 2014 ECF Grades are ou

The new grades are now out. Say a quick prayer and have a look at the Gradings Page.

Well done Dave Phillips for heading the Cumbrian list at a grade of 201 !

23rd July 2014

MajorcaFollowing on from our European chess adventures in Benidorm the past two years, this year we found that the dates clashed with Ian Mackay's other holiday plans.  Not to be outdone we have booked instead for the Calvia Chess Festival in Palma Nova which runs from 4th -12th October.   Syd Cassidy is joining us again and we are looking forward to drinks, food sunshine and chess - probably in that order.

If anyone is interested in making the trip then all of the details can be found on this website;-

We have now all booked into the hotel where the competition is being staged and if you would like any more details please feel free to contact me or Ian Mackay.

Bill Hardwick

16th July 2014
Fide Laws of Chess


The Laws of Chess as defined by FIDE have been amended and are operational as of the 1st July 2014. These can be found, along with associated documents and articles, on the Library Page under the heading Laws of Chess.

5th July 2014

Penrith Summer Rapidplay
Penrith Rapidplay

Steve Murdoch ( Cumbria League Controller & Penrith Secretary ) has just released details of the Penrith Summer Rapidplay. This will be held on Saturday 2 August at the Crown Hotel, Eamont Bridge, Penrith. The entry form can be viewed and/or downloaded here.     

2nd July 2014
Vacancy for General Secretary

A vacancy has arisen for the position of General Secretary of the Cumbria Chess Association.

Duties will include dealing with administration, correspondence, the Constitution, arranging the AGM, posting notices, and the managing of the Association as part of the Executive Committee.

Anyone expressing an interest, please contact Dave Cole on before Friday 1st  August. If more than one candidate steps forward, an election will be held.

30th June 2014

Minutes for Cumbria Chess AGM 2014

The Minutes of the 2014 Cumbria Chess AGM can be found on the Library Page under the heading Cumbria Chess AGMs.

30th June 2014
Minutes for the NCCU meeting 2014

The Minutes of the 2014 NCCU meeting can be found on the Library Page under NCCU.

29th June 2014
Summary of the Cumbria Chess AGM from Saturday 28th June 2014

A brief look at the hot off the press headlines from Saturdays AGM meeting.

The official Minutes will be out shortly.

22nd June 2014
Final Agenda for Cumbria Chess AGM  Saturday 28th June 2014;- 2pm at The Crown Hotel, Eamont Bridge

Yesterday ( Saturday 21st June ) was the last day for submission of postal votes so having collected all of these I have now prepared a finalised agenda.

Bill Hardwick
22nd June 2014

The final agenda is on the Library Page under the heading Cumbria Chess AGMs.

17th June 2014
South Lakes Chess Congress

Yet another well run and very enjoyable Chess Congress !

17th June 2014
League Winnners


Obviously all the league games have finished now. Congragulations to both teams.

Windermere won Division 1 

Maryport won Division 2

12th June 2014
NCCU Club Championship - Minor
Congragulations to Penrith on winning the above. Results are on the Tournaments Page.

29th May 2014
Email Notification
I have informed by email most Cumbria Chess Association members about the note below concerning the Cumbria Chess AGM. If you did not receive the email and wish to receive similar ones, then please let me know. Likewise, if you did get it and do not want any more let me know.

Dave Shaw

23rd May 2014

Final Agenda for Cumbria Chess AGM  Saturday 28th June 2014;- 2pm at The Crown Hotel, Eamont Bridge 

The final Agenda for this years AGM is now set out below and includes a total of four proposals which have been received.  These are also available to be seen on the Forum section of the Cumbria Chess website where registered members may add comments should they wish.  As previously explained, as members are now permitted to vote on the proposals by attending the AGM or by way of a Postal or an e.mail vote, the necessary voting form is also attached and this too is also available on the Cumbria Chess website.  

Anyone wishing to register a postal vote should submit this to me either by post or by e.mail to;- or by post to Mr A W Hardwick, 11, Beechwood Avenue, Stanwix, Carlisle CA3 9BW.

These must reach me by 21st June 2014.  Obviously anyone who casts a postal vote but then attends the meeting cannot vote on that proposal again so we will need to be aware of this at the meeting. The rules and protocol for dealing with Postal Votes, AGM votes and any amendments to proposals which may be tabled will be made clear by Dave Cole at the beginning of the meeting.

Bill Hardwick
20th May 2014

The above is the opening paragraph of the final issue of the Agenda for this years AGM.

22nd May 2014
Cascat (Cumbria Archive Service)
On Tuesday 13th May I visited the Cumbria Archive Service at Whitehaven to investigate the archives deposited by Bill Henderson in 1998. It was quite an experience as things are taken very seriously. Luckily I had my driving license with me as I needed to prove my ID. My bag had to be left in a locker and I was not allowed to take in a folder.Only a pen and scrap paper was allowed to be taken in.

It is nice to know that these things are preserved for prosperity. Well done, Bill !

A report is on the Library Page under the heading Cascat.

Dave Shaw

 29th April 2014

Cumbria Junior Chess Championship  2014

CumbriaJuniorChessThe Cumbria Junior Chess Championship for 2014 will be held on Sunday 18th May from 10:30 4 p.m. at Trinity School, Strand Road, Carlisle, CA1 1JB

For further details and/or to download the Entry Form see here.

A copy of this notice is on the Juniors page.

22nd April 2014

The Forum page has now been added. Please have a look and try it. Any problems, questions, etc please contact me.

I have finished the Links page, but I am sure some of you have more suggestions. 

The Library page needs tidying up a little. Maybe some of you  have some useful documents for people to download.

I still do not have any data on Archives - eg previous seasons results and winners. Can anybody help ?

Dave Shaw

19th April 2014

Change to the Website appearance 

It is probably obvious that I have changed the appearance of the website. The content is still the same.

There  is still some work to do on the Archives, Library, and Links pages. I do not have any data on Archives - eg previous seasons results and winners. Can anybody help ?

A Forum page will be introduced shortly.

Dave Shaw

15th April 2014
Congragulations to Windermere on winning the 2014 Whitaker Trophy !

The Whitaker Final between Windermere and Ulverston went down to an exciting last game.

Whitaker FinalThe other 3 games had finished and Mike, with some pressure, needed just a draw for Ulverston to claim the trophy.

But the clock was ticking and Colin's solid defence was enough to frustrate Mike's efforts.

For the detailed results look at the Whitaker page.

9th April 2014

Dumfries Allegro  Sunday 13th April 2014
        Scottish Chess
There is an allegro competition at Dumfries this Sunday. All the details can be found here.

2nd April 2014

Cumbria Chess AGM Saturday 28th June 2014;- 2pm at The Crown Hotel, Eamont Bridge

I am giving rather early formal notice of this years AGM, mainly because at least years meeting it was decided that certain proposals may now be voted upon by post or by e.mail by any current paid-up member of Cumbria Chess, regardless of whether they attend the meeting itselfor not. The Agenda is set out below and the date of the meeting has been chosen to avoid clashes with other chess events that month and also World Cup matches.

Can I please now ask anyone who wishes to submit a proposal for the meeting to send it to me by 18th May 2014, either by e.mail to or by post to Mr A W Hardwick, 11, Beechwood Avenue, Stanwix, Carlisle CA3 9BW. I will then prepare an updated Agenda which will be placed on the Cumbria Chess website ( along
with a voting form for any motions which will be open to a postal vote. Anyone wishing to register a postal vote should submit this to me, again either by post or by e.mail as above, by 21st June 2014. Obviously anyone who casts a postal vote but then attends the meeting cannot vote on that proposal again so we will need to be aware of this at the meeting.

Bill Hardwick

2nd April 2014

The above is the opening paragraph of the first issue of the Agenda for this years AGM.  The document is on the Library Page, and also can be  viewed/downloaded here.

31st March

Latest Web changes
Please keep me informed of things you want up here and please, please email me with any suggestions, comments, requests, and criticisms to

Dave Shaw

4th March

Rapid Play
There is a Rapidplay competition in Newcastle on 16th March. Details can be found  here.

4th March
Cumbria Individual Championships 2014

14 th/15th/16th February at the Marchesi Centre in Windermere. 

The OpenCumbriaChessIndiv section resulted in a three way tie between David Phillips, Roy Ellames (both Windermere) and Martin Mitchell (Blackpool) who all scored 3.5 points. David took the Higgins Castle on best progressive score. Eleven year old James Moreby (Jesmond) led for four rounds but lost to Roy in round 5.

The Major was won by Eggert Früchtenicht (Penrith) with 4 points. Eggert also took the Keswick Knight. Jonathan Rashleigh (Kendal) and Dave McMath (Penrith) could only draw in the last round and tied for second place on 3.5 points.  

The Minor section resulted in a tie between Mike Mason (Ulverston) and Bill Henderson (Maryport) on 4 points. Mike had led throughout but lost to Bill in the last round. Mike took the Greehalgh Trophy on best progressive score. 

Windermere Chess Club would like to thank all those who took part, and particularly those who generously gave donations over and above their entry fees.

Particular thanks are also due to Lakeland Limited for their generous donation towards the cost of hiring the Marchesi Centre for the weekend.

Peter Shaw

The results can be viewed on the Tournaments page.

4th March 2014
South Lakes Congress 2014



 A reminder to enter the South Lakes Congress on the 6,7, & 8th June at the Cumbria Grand Hotel.

 The entry form can be read and downloaded from the Library page.

9th December 2013

The Carlisle AF Chess Club made its now annual trip to the magnificent  Grand Bali Hotel in Benidorm for Spain's top annual competition, playing ten games over nine days for over 10,000 euros in prize money in the under-2000 FIDE rated section. Top performer was Dave Siddall, who scored 4 wins, 4 draws and 2 defeats and finished 93rd out of a world-wide entry field of 377. Organization, facilities, hotels and entertainment were first class, and for anyone wishing to make their debut in international chess this is the ideal tournament. With games commencing each evening at 4.30pm, there is ample opportunity for other daytime activities, and there is little doubt that Dave's very creditable performance on his first appearance abroad was due in no small way to his refusal to visit the famous Benidorm Palace nightclub every evening.

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