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15th August 2018

Special General Meeting Saturday 1st September

The following email has been sent to all Association & Club Members-


Dear Association Officers and Club Secretaries 

In conformance with the Cumbria Chess Association Constitution, I attach an agenda providing 14 days notice of a Special General Meeting of the Association  which has been requested by more than 12 Association members representing more than 3 affiliated clubs. 

The meeting will be held Saturday 1st September as the Crown Hotel at Eamont Bridge commencing at 2pm. 

The single agenda item will be to discuss proposals to change the rules for establishing the dates upon which fixtures in the Open League will be played.  The current rules in section 4 or the Constitution were put in place following decisions taken at the 2018 Annual General Meeting.  The current version of the Constitution is available on the Association website. 

As at Annual General Meetings, voting at the Special General Meeting will be by show of hands of those present.

This notice will also be posted on the Association website.

Yours sincerely
Jonathan Rashleigh - Secretary

See the Agenda here and on the Library Page, for full details.

13th August 2018

Club Memberships 2018-19.

Club Secretaries to post their club Membership list, Cumbria and ECF Membership fees (where appropriate) to the Cumbria Membership Secretary.

Address to send fees: Dave Cole, 26 St Quintin Ave, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA13 9HB. Email membership list to

See the form here and on the Library Page, for full details.

6th August 2018

County Chess and Games Page.

Please note that Andy McAtear is now running the County Chess Page and the Games Page.

These are not under so there is a very small delay.

Please send Andy any games for publishing. I am sure he will be pestering you all in the near future !

26th July 2018

July 2018 Grades

The July ECF grades have now been issued and can be seen on the ECF Grading page.  

  The Top 10 grades
Name Club Grade
Stavros Karampatos Carlisle Austin Friars 189
Michael L GreenCarlisle Austin Friars186
Dave PhillipsWindermere183
Matthew Mackenzie Barrow 180
John Toothill Windermere175
Roger HartMaryport169
Tamsin Jones  Carlisle Austin Friars 168
Martyn HarrisKendal167
Dave Cole Barrow 166
Neil MaxwellKeswick165
   Congragulations to Stavros on leading the table ( again ) !

20th July 2018

Chess in Schools

John Lydon from Carlisle Chess Club is now working with the Chess in Schools programme and has made a start with Upperby School in Carlisle.

He would like to draw attention to the Chess in Schools website. Please have a look.

Their Mission Statement -

Chess in Schools and Communities (CSC) is a UK charity whose mission is to improve children’s educational outcomes and social development by introducing them to the game of chess. Founded in 2009, we now teach in over 300 schools and support 500 more nationwide. We also organise a world-class tournament, the London Chess Classic.

17th July 2018

Constitution 2018

The 2017 constitution has been released and can be seen here, and on the Library Page.

A summary of changes -
Exceptions to the rule above will require the permission of the League Controller. Shortage of available players or non-availability of the normal playing venue shall not constitute a reason for the match not be arranged within the stipulated time. 

       In order to agree the date upon which a fixture will be played, the following rules must be observed:

  1.  The home team captain must contact the away team captain at least two weeks before the stipulated fixture date to try and agree a date and offering at least one date.  If this does not occur then the away team captain can claim the match by default.
  2. The away team captain must respond at least one week before the stipulated fixture date, accepting an offered date or to negotiate with the home team captain another mutually agreeable date.  If this does not occur then the home team captain can claim the match by default.
  3. If a mutually agreeable date cannot be established, the home team captain must contact the away team captain offering two dates which do not have to include any previously offered date, one of which the away team captain has to accept. This offer of two dates must be made at least 4 days before the first of these offered dates
  4. The offered dates should be on the basis of a 1pm or 2pm start for matches to be played at a weekend or 7pm or 7:30pm for matches to be played on weekday or other times by mutual agreement.
  5. For the purposes of the above rules, email is a valid form of contact and where possible documentary evidence should be retained in support of any potential default claim.
  6. If the home team premises or a suitable alternative ‘home’ venue are not available, then the home team must offer to play the match at the away team venue 
  7. If the game is played more than 6 days after the original fixture date no points shall be scored for either team unless the League Controller has already agreed an exception.
  I shall give examples of the above in the next few weeks.

   Other points -  
11th July 2018


A one-day jamboree tournament for Under 16 teams at Ackworth School, Ackworth, Pontefract,West Yorkshire WF7 7LT

Saturday, 6th October 10:30am-6:30pm

Full details and the entry form here.

 Note. A list of tournaments including junior ones can be seen on the Tournaments Page.

9th July 2018 Cumbria Chess

John Kelly of Carlisle has created a Cumbria Chess Association Online Club at and can be accessed here.

Are you a Cumbrian Chess Player? Then join our online club to play and chat with fellow players across Cumbria. 

Login, let us know who you are and request membership to access our Tournaments, Matches and Forums.

25th June 2018

Cumbria Individuals 2019

The Cumbria Individuals for 2019 will be held at Shap Memorial Hall on the weekend of 5th-7th of April.


23rd June 2018

Cumbria Chess AGM
The main amendment is that for the Open League and the Whitaker all matches are to be played in the week designated by the fixtures. Details will be decided before the start of next season. 

In the Whitaker the away teams will have White on odd boards as in League matches.

Clive Hutchby of Keswick takes the post of Publicity Officer.

Full minutes will follow.

Barrow A won the South League.

Penrith 1 won the Whitaker.


Dave Siddall won the Cumbria Individual.

19th June 2018

NCCU AGM Minutes.

The latest NCCU AGM minutes can be seen here, and on the Library Page.

16th June 2018

Cumbria Chess AGM

Don't forget !

Our AGM is next Saturday 23rd June at the Crown Hotel, Eamont Bridge 2pm.


Please check the following -

13th June 2018

22nd South Lakes 2018 Prize Winners

OPEN    £300   M Surtees

=2nd   £50     T Wall,     A Richardson ,  J Burnett,

MAJOR   =1st   £225   D Lovejoy,      K Potter,

£15  =Grading prize   R Clegg,   C Heald       J Cawston,   S Potter

£30    Best Cumbria player   D Siddall

INTERMEDIATE   =1st   £90    M Connor, T Dickerson, M Beardsley, S Clare, D Newell,

£30   Grading prize   C Carey,   S Parry

£30   Best Cumbria player   C Dodd (see note(i) below)

MINOR    =1st   £90   Andy Kelly, D Scorer, P Coleman, Alan Kelly. G Miller

£30    Grading prize   P Jackson , R Bohm

£30    Best Cumbria player   B Henderson

Note(i) The Cumbria prize cannot be shared and goes to the lowest grade on the same points.

For full results see here and on the Tournaments Page


Carlisle world chess tour reaches the South Lakes.

10th May 2018

Cumbria Chess AGM

The following email was sent to Cumbria Chess Secretaries on the 5th May. Hopefully all Cumbria Club members have all received it !

If not, please let me and your secretary know.


Dear Officers and Club Secretaries 

The 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Cumbria Chess Association will take place on Saturday 23rd June  at the Crown Hotel, Eamont Bridge  commencing at 2pm.

Please let me know before 31st May of any proposals for change or other items that your Club would like to be included in the agenda.  The final meeting agenda will be circulated in the first week of June.

Jonathan Rashleigh
Secretary CCA

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Open League
Team Pld Pts
Carlisle A 
Carlisle B
Carlisle C
Keswick A
Keswick B
Penrith A
Penrith B
Penrith C

South League
Team Pld Pts
Barrow A 
Barrow B
Ulverston A
Ulverston B

See League Tables for full details.

See ECF Grading page for grades.
The Clubs Page has a link to grades for each club.