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 10th May 2018

Five sections:    Open, U180, U160, U140 and U120 Novice section      

There is one qualifying place for the British Championships for the NCCU Individual champion. Part of ECF Grand Prix.

You can enter on line (completely secure, and at no cost to yourself) using your debit or credit card on the Heywood chess congress site:

Could you in particular bring the NOVICE section to the attention of your newer / weaker players - this section is especially for them as an introduction to tournament chess, and we all need to get them playing for the future of chess in our region!   

Full details and a printable entry form is here.

 10th May 2018

Chester-le-Street Chess Tournament 18th - 19th August at Durham.
Details and entry form here.


30th April 2018

County Chess

Cumbria under 160's drew yesterday with Lancashire. Full details can be seen on the County Chess Page.

26th April 2018

South League

Congragulations to Barrow A on winning the South League. This is the 4th Year in a row and they are the only winners of the South League. See the Archives Page.

15th April 2018


Congragulations to Penrith 1 on winning the Whitaker. Full details on the Whitaker Page.

14th April 2018


Sadly, Windermere have withdrawn from the Open League. Fixtures, Open Results, and League Tables have been adjusted.

3rd March 2018

Open League

Congragulations to Carlisle A who have won the Open League for the 2nd year running.

3rd March 2018


The draw for the Whitaker final has taken place today.

It can be seen on the Whitaker Page.  

19th February 2018

Cumbria Individual 

The Major results can be seen here and the Minor results can be seen here.

Both are also on the Tournaments Page.

8th February 2018

John Toothill

The following appeared recently in New in Chess

Last Words

Who needs the 'Sofia Rules' to banish draws when we have the example of redoubtable characters in the game such as 'proud Yorkshireman' John Toothill ? Sadly the ex-spy died aged 79 in late November after falling ill while playing in a league match at his Local Windermere Club. But he left us with an indefatigable fighting spirit right to the end.
Reading his very colourful obituary in The Westmorland Gazette, we discover that the former Oxford student was a Russian linguist stationed in West Berlin during the Cold War, where he worked for the RAF to spy on Russian aircraft; a keen hillwalker who took up the dream role of National Park Officer for the Lake District, and was awarded an OBE by the Queen on his retirement for his services to the environment. He was also a strong correspondence player , and part of the gold medal Great Britain team at the 1982 Correspondence Chess Olympiad, and the British Senior Champion in 2000.
As we say, he was playing chess when he was stuck down in the middle of a game - but what really endeared him to our hearts was reading the following comment from his daughter, Dr Jane Toothill: 'The guy he was playing chess with offered him a draw in the ambulance - but he was doing well and said no.

Note - the 'guy he was with' was friend David Phillips who went in the ambulance with him to hospital. The above is largely extracted from John's obituary which appeared in the Westmorland Gazette on the 9th December 2017. The obituary has been saved on the Library Page.

2nd February 2018

Cumbria Individual 

Don't forget the Cumbria Individual Friday 16th Feb !

For details and the entry form see here and on the Tournaments Page.

28th January 2018

January 2018 Grades

The January ECF grades have now been issued and can be seen on the ECF Grading page.  

  The Top 10 grades
Name Club Grade
Stavros Karampatos Carlisle Austin Friars 188
Dave PhillipsWindermere186
Michael L Green Carlisle Austin Friars 182
Matthew Mackenzie Barrow 182
John Toothill Windermere178
Tamsin Jones  Carlisle Austin Friars 169
Roger HartMaryport168
Holden Davis Penrith167
Dave Shaw  Kendal 164
Dave Cole Barrow 162
   Congragulations to Stavros on leading the table !

19th December 2017


The draw for the Whitaker semi-finals took place at Windermere this evening.

It can be seen on the Whitaker Page.  

19th December 2017

Cumbria Christmas Chess Quiz 

Think you know your Chess ?

Give John Kelly's Chess Quiz a go. 30 questions of varying difficulty and variety including a few Cumbria specific ones.

Great stuff. Thanks John !

 17th December 2017

Cumbria Chess Association

Not having anything really useful to do these days I decided to make a logo sign for Cumbria Chess. Please use in correspondence, Cumbria Chess competition entry forms, etc.

For the technically minded it is a 'transparent' PNG. ie. the background shows through between the letters and picture, not always showing just white. For the none technical just use it !

To save a copy right-click the picture and click 'save image as...'.

14th December 2017

Blackpool Chess Congress


The 42nd Blackpool Chess Congress takes place on March 9-11th. Full details and the Congress Web Site can be seen here. 

14th December 2017

Durham Chess Congress


The 38th Durham Chess Congress takes place on March 2-4th. Full details and an entry form can be seen here. 

11th December 2017

Cumbria Individual 
George has confirmed that ‘closed’ events are not subject to ‘pay-to-play’ rules, therefore the extra Silver membership stipulation in the entry form is not valid. Bronze is now the mimimum ECF level required.

The entry form has been amended to reflect this.

For more details and the amended entry form see here and on the Tournaments Page.

1th December 2017

Minutes of the NCCU Annual Council Meeting

The minutes of the NCCU Annual Council meeting held on Saturday 2nd December can be seen here and on the Library Page.


4th December 2017

NCCU Club Championship 2017-18

 The NCCU Club Championship will be held during the first half of 2018.

The Sections of the Championship will comprise the following:
Open: Open to all players
Major: Total grading limit (4 players) 680 Average top 2 boards 180
Minor: Total grading limit (4 players) 520 Average top 2 boards 140
Seniors: Open Team Championship

A 4 player team (average age of combined players must be at least 55 years).

If enough teams enter a particular section, there may by a round robin event.

All NCCU and Northern Clubs can enter - £10 per team.
A third team entering from the same club would only pay £5
A Team comprising three juniors – Free to enter

Winners of each Section to receive an NCCU Trophy and a Digital Clock.

The NCCU Club Rules will be adhered to in particular reference to the following:

Could you please enter teams by 20th January 2018.
(When the draw and rules will be sent to team captains.)

Teams wishing to enter should contact:
Dave Cole
NCCU Club Championship Organiser
Tel: 07801718412

28th November 2017

John Toothill

 The following email has been received today from our secretary Jonathan Rashleigh -

" In answer to the question raised by one or two of you, the Cumbria Association will be sending a card and flowers but John's family have otherwise requested no flowers.  If anyone would like to make a donation however these are to go to Kendal Mountain Rescue. 

I am happy to act as the conduit for donations for those not attending the funeral. My address is on the website. 

Best wishes
Jonathan "

Note that some comments have been made on an ECF page here.

Also there is a nice note from Peter Cloudsdale on this ECF Page.

25th November 2017

John Toothill

The funeral is at Burneside Church (LA9 6QU) at 1pm on Tuesday 5 December, followed by burial at Parkside Road (LA9 7DU, or just to east) and gathering at Netherfield Cricket Club (LA9 7BL).  

Further queries to Hayes and Parkinson (01539 720105).

23rd November 2017

John Toothill

It is with great sadness that I report on the death of John Toothill who died this morning. He was taken ill at Windermere Chess Club on Tuesday evening and taken to Lancaster hospital. Later he was transferred to Preston hospital for an operation which went OK but he did not recover from it.

I shall give details of any funeral arrangements when I have them.

12th November 2017

2018 South Lakes Congress

The 2018 South Lakes Congress will be held at the Kendal Leisure Centre on the 1st to the 3rd June. Full details and the entry form can be seen here and on the Tournaments Page.



25th October 2017

Chess Clocks


At the recent FIDE Congress in Turkey, DGT announced they wished to help support the development of chess by giving Federations the opportunity to purchase DGT clocks at a highly reduced rate — DGT 2010 – 15 Euros; DGT 3000 – 20 Euros

See this ECF Page for more details. Please note however that they ask for responses by Monday 23rd October, which was last Monday. It is only an 'initial' offer so hopefully there will be more !

21st October 2017

Austin Friars Carlisle Chess Club trip to Majorca

 The following email has been received from Ian Mackay -

Attached please find  two items that may (or may not !) interest you for the website, after the Austin Friars Carlisle Chess Club (AFCCC) very successful trip to Majorca last week (don’t ask what the success criteria are!).

1) is Mackay (ENG 1664) v Mitenieks (LATVIA 1891)


This game went to 104 moves, lasted 5 hours under Fischer time & finished at 1 a.m. – & was drawn.

But I missed an opportunity earlier in the situation shown, where I simply played Rc6+.

What should I have played?

2) is Hardwick v Lopez.



Bill bored his opponent to sleep, & won the game when her clock time elapsed. Very unsporting.

This photo was posted on the Spanish Calvia Facebook page, to much amusement; one Spanish post said

‘He must be playing the London System!’...which Bill was!


15th October 2017

Cumbria Chess Team Rapidplay

A wonderful enjoyable day of Chess took place at the Crown Hotel Penrith yesterday Saturday 14th October.

 Many comments such as  -
 could be heard in the bar between rounds.

I actually won a game by playing King takes King ! White to play and win. King takes King obviously,

Holden Davis for Chessaholics playing John Toothill of Kendermere in the playoff.


Two thirds of Chessaholics receiving the Trophy from organiser Peter Hanks.


John Toothill receiving the Trophy for the best individual result.


All the days winners - except those that had gone home !

 5th October 2017


The draw for the second round of the Whitaker took place at Kendal this evening by Michael Thistlewood, secretary, and Ken Jackson.

It can be seen on the Whitaker Page.

21st September 2017

Cumbria Individual 

The 2018 Cumbria Individual will take place at The Shap Memorial Hall, near Penrith on the 16th-18th February 2018.

2 sections - Major (open to all) and Minor (under 130). This year it is only open to Cumbria Chess Association members.

For more details and an entry form see here and on the Tournaments Page.

19th September 2017

Cumbria Chess Team Rapidplay

Takes place on Saturday 14th Oct at the Crown Hotel, Eamont Bridge, Penrith.

Teams of 3 players are eligible to enter from all Chess clubs.

The competition is open to all players, with combined team grades subject to a points handicap for high graded teams.

Full details and an entry form can be seen here and on the Tournaments Page.

9th September 2017

Carlisle Chess Video

Paul Rivers recently invited That's Cumbria to Carlisle Chess Club and they made the following video.

The video can also be seen on You Tube at

7th September 2016


The draw for the first round of the Whitaker has taken place and can be seen on the Whitaker Page.

6th September 2017


Keswick have confirmed that they will have two teams in the Open League, and also a team in the Whitaker. Good news ! Fixtures are correct as they are.

4th September 2017

Fischer Incremental Timing

At this years AGM, following Phil Walters proposal it was agreed to encourage clubs to try it in Clubs internal competitions and Cumbria matches if players were agreeable.

I have done some research and hope it may be of use.
   As for Cumbria -
Examples of Fischer Incremental Timing

1) For 2 hour games
10 sec increment 30 sec increment
No Moves Initial Time Time Added Total Time No Moves Initial Time Time Added Total Time
40 110 6 1hr 56mins 40 90 20 1hr 50mins
50 110 8 1hr 58mins 50 90 25 1hr 55mins
60 110 10 2hr 60 90 30 2hr
70 110 12 2hr 2mins 70 90 35 2hr 05mins
80 110 13 2hr 3mins 80 90 40 2hr 10mins

2) For 1½ hour games

10 sec increment 30 sec increment
No Moves Initial Time Time Added Total Time No Moves Initial Time Time Added Total Time
40 80 6 1hr 26mins 40 60 20 1hr 20mins
50 80 8 1hr 28mins 50 60 25 1hr 25mins
60 80 10 1hr 30mins 60 60 30 1hr 30mins
70 80 12 1hr 32mins 70 60 35 1hr 35mins
80 80 13 1hr 33mins 80 60 40 1hr 40mins


I do urge you to try these timings in your clubs internal friendly games & competitions, and in Cumbria matches. I will be entering Blackpool Chess Congress, and I do need practice at Fischer Increment 110 mins initially and 10 secs per move.

Please remember that this season we are simply becoming aware of these new timings and trying them out. Also the way we play at the moment ( 1½ or 2 hours for all moves ) is still a valid option and people may want to stay with this.

If players can report to me ( Dave Shaw ) about any games with comments showing any problems, suggestions, total time taken for the game etc. I can list these somewhere on the Web and perhaps we can use this information in any discussions at next years AGM.

Dave Shaw

1st September 2017

Fide Laws of Chess 2017

Fide have issued their latest 'Fide Laws of Chess'. Well they did on the 1st July actually. These can be seen at the top of the Library Page.

1st September 2017

Cumbria Membership Form 2017

The Cumbria Membership form for 2017-18 can be found here and on the Library Page. Secretaries to return to Dave Cole by Email or post.

29th August 2017

Fixtures Version 2
Please ignore the fixtures issued before. A new fixture list has been produced with Keswick B included.

Keswick are toying with the idea of having a second team. As their AGM is a little close to the 1st Open League first matches I have added Keswick B into the league. If it turns out that there is no second team then it is a simple task to remove Keswick B.

Dave Shaw

15th August 2017


The fixtures for the forthcoming season are now on the Fixtures Page. If there are any Major concerns please let me know asap.

2nd August 2017

Cumbria Chess Constitution 2017

The updated Cumbria Chess Constitution can be seen here and on the Library Page.

28th July 2017

July 2017 Grades

The July ECF grades have now been issued and can be seen on the ECF Grading page.  

  The Top 8 grades
Name Club Grade
Karampatos, Stavros Carlisle Austin Friars 187
Toothill, John Windermere 185
Phillips, David A Windermere 181
Green, Michael L Carlisle Austin Friars 180
Mackenzie, Matthew A Barrow 180
Jones, Tamsin Carlisle Austin Friars 173
Hart, Roger Maryport 168
Davis, Holden Penrith 167
25th July 2017

ECF County Match.

Lancashire defeated Cumbria in the Under 160 section by 8 games to 4 at the Reform Club, Lancaster on Sunday 23rd July.

The full results can be seen here and on the County Chess Page.

21st July 2017

Correspondence Chess by Email

Note from Dave Cole:

At the recent Cumbria Chess AGM, some interest in playing chess via email was expressed. County matches using webservers currently take place (with Yorkshire fielding teams from the North).
If enough interest is shown by Cumbria players wanting to take part, Yorkshire have offered a trial match. A team of 8 players are required for Cumbria, so hopefully we can field one.
(Fred Clough already plays for West Wales A – the 2017 Division 1 Ward-Higgs Competition winners).

All you need is an email address with full name and players will be registered.

If you wish to take part please contact myself at:

21st July 2017

English Rapidplay Championship

The English Rapidplay Championship will be held at the Cunard Building, Liverpool on the 23rd & 24th September. All details can be seen here.

18th July 2017

Cumbria Chess AGM Minutes 2017

The minutes for the 2017 AGM can be seen here. The Accounts for 2016-17 can be seen here. Both can be seen on the Library Page. The new constitution is to follow.

1st July 2017

Cumbria Chess AGM 2017

The following are a few snippets from today's AGM -

Paul Rivers receiving the Open Trophy for Carlisle.

The full minutes, and the new Constitution will be issued shortly.

26th June 2017

Cumbria Chess AGM 2017

The following was sent today from our Secretary Jonathan  -

Dear Club Secretaries & Officers

 At the AGM next Saturday, the Association will be looking for new volunteers to fill the posts of County Grading Officer and County Juniors Manager. I believe that all the other officers are prepared to continue.

 If you are aware of any of your members who might be prepared to take on either of these roles please contact them or me ahead of the meeting.

Jonathan Rashleigh

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